Marni For H&M Collection Photos Released

One of the most highly-anticipated designer-for-chain store endeavours, photos of the Marni for H&M collection have finally been released.

Ranging from print silk shirts to metallic wooden-heeled shoes to oversized floral necklaces, sources like Vogue UK call Marni for H&M one of the most “coveted high street collection ever.” 

And fashion fanatics aren’t the only ones looking forward to the offerings of Marni for H&M: director Sofia Coppola is responsible for the Marni for H&M film starring Imogen Poots, who she’s declared to be the “natural choice” for the role.

“I think she’s great,” said Coppola. “She can convey so much without speaking. I was happy to first talk to H&M about this project because I’ve never really done anything around fashion – and when they told me it was Marni, it sounded like an interesting project.”

Of course, now that us lowly commoners have gotten a chance to check out the Marni for H&M collection (online, at least), we can understand what Sofia Coppola meant when she said “interesting.”

“The prints are unusual,” Coppola said of the Marni for H&M collection. “It doesn’t look like anything else. So I wanted to do something artful that represented Marni, and because there are so many bold prints we needed a setting that worked.”

And as of March 8, Marni for H&M can be all ours.

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