Marilyn The Hologram?

After Tupac at Coachella, the hologram phenomenon is only picking up speed. So should we really have expected news that Marilyn Monroe will be receiving the hologram treatment?

Probably not.

Huffington Post reports that Marilyn Monroe may receive the hologram treatment in time for what would have been her 86th birthday, and will be the centre of an upcoming virtual show, so far titled Virtual Marilyn Live — A Musical Celebration Of The Birth Of The Pop Icon.

Naturally, controversy’s a-brewing: not only are some opposed to the idea of “bringing back” deceased celebrities for the point of our entertainment, legal concerns are rising due to copyright issues. Granted, virtual Marilyn Monroe is probably a little far off: the concert has yet to secure a venue. However, that’s not stopping the concert think-tanks from believing they are giving Marilyn Monroe a new career. 

According to Becky Altringer, managing editor and co-founder of Digicon Media, the company behind “virtual Marilyn”, Marilyn Monroe will be re-launched as “a performer, spokesperson, cultural pundit and computer avatar.”

Couldn’t we all just watch Some Like It Hot instead?

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