Manolo Blahnik Shoes Save Marriages

Just when you thought the source of spousal disputes was shoes, budgets and all things related (among all else), footwear legend extraordinare Manolo Blahnik has made the following proclamation – that his shoes save marriages.

To back up his statement, the designer said the following: “the male reaction to heels is half normal and half perversion, but some men tell me I’ve saved their marriage.  The first thing men look at are a woman’s legs, and there is nothing more flattering than high heels.”  (But do we agree with this? Is there not a little more to it than a great-looking pair of pumps?)

However, a man not shy of bold declarations continued with his honesty, going on to say – despite his ties to the world of A-listers – that the world of celebrity barely interests him.

“It’s not the vulgarity of it – vulgarity’s okay and bad taste is okay too, sometimes – although when all those football people buy your shoes . . . Really, I’m not interested in all that.”

This coming from the man who’s become a household name because of a little show called Sex and the City.  

But alas, he’s earned it.  After fitting people like the late Princess Diana and the iconic Kate Moss, Manolo Blahnik’s earned his right to bold declarations and being choosy.  (But what can we say about some of his current clientele?)

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