MAC & Rick Baker Team Up for Halloween

Alright, so every day it seems like some person is collaborating with another person, and it's all very well and good (and often very great), but sometimes you just want a change.

Enter: MAC + Rick Baker, which is not joking around. This is serious. This is the big time. Soldier, this is not a drill. You wanted a change? Well hello, what's happening, you've got one.

The cosmetics brand has aligned with special effects makeup artist Rick Baker, who has helped bring the brand into new, movie makeup territory. Meaning: this Halloween, you can actually scare people, instead of, well, putting a jersey on and being a football player or something.

You can pick up Baker's line via online October 2, then in stores from October 3 – 31st. As for what's in his line? Well, it's almost a collection of Rick Baker's portfolio: inspired by looks from films like Bride, Day of the Dead, and Zombie, you can pick up acrylic paints, paintsticks, chromagraphic pencils, set powder, lipstick, and more (and subsequently look even better than the actors at Canada's Wonderland).

Prices range from $15 (for lipstick and lip pencils) to $44 (for an eyeshadow palette), and all products, despite their Halloween theme, can easily still be worn past October 31st. (Especially The Monter's Bride eye shadow, which is actually in-step with the season's colour trends thanks to its purple and green tones.)

Halloween is coming, so get into it! Especially if you want to one-up everyone at your work party (or scare a few people — no judgement, seriously).

MAC Rick Baker

See the full line up below:

Rick Baker MAC Collection

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