Lindsay Lohan For Jag Jeans?

Despite the Playboy debacle, the court room drama and everything else Lindsay Lohan has done, Jag Jeans has signed her up to be their new spokesperon. (So yes, there are such things as holiday miracles.)

However, there may be an underlying reason: Yu Tsai, who shot Lindsay Lohan for Playboy, shot her for the campaign – which means this photographer was familiar with the way the actress tends to conduct herself.

In a press release, Tsai maintained that “Lindsay did not disappoint”, while the company went on to say that “As Jag Jeans’ newest endorser, Lindsay embodies the strength and fearlessness of the woman today. She is unafraid to be who she is. She is fierce, yet exudes feminine grace.”

“Lindsay was so involved with the shoot that she would go as far as adjusting items on the set,” it continued. “She even requested scissors so she could personally fray the edges of her black crepe blouse because she believed it would look better that way. Lindsay would take a hands-on approach to her shots, and she was more than willing to change her hairstyle during mid-shoot and even used her own jewellery and accessories when needed.”

So to be clear: Lindsay Lohan frayed clothing, adjusted the set and went so far as to “change her hair”? You can’t help but wonder what model matriarch Tiara Banks would have to say about that. (Didn’t a model get sent home because she talked to the director?)

Either way. Lindsay Lohan’s back, everyone.

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