Lindsay Lohan Burns Bridges

Despite our own self-loathing, we’ve all either seen or heard of the Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos, but after Dina Lohan allegedly leaked them, the magazine’s sales won’t exactly be stellar.

But that’s not why Playboy‘s getting rattled. According to sources, contrary to her agreement with Playboy to do only one promotional appearance following the issue, Lindsay Lohan broke her word, apparently bailing on the Ellen show, and, as attested by show insiders, without a “phone call or an apology from Lindsay”.

The show’s appearance was reportedly a contractually obligational appearance for her Playboy issue, and was scheduled two months ago. And while we know that Lindsay Lohan’s contract-based agreements usually remain ignored (let’s not even go into the court drama), the fact Lohan required a last minute re-shoot, allegedly let her mom leak the photos, head to the beach in a bikini (thus, according to The Superficial, making the photos “even more moot”) and cancel the only promotion she was required to do.

So when is Lindsay Lohan going to learn – and more importantly, is she ever going to “come back”? Well, considering all recent headlines have revolved around the Playboy debacle, having $10 000 stolen from her car and her probation updates, it’s looking like she may be less a Robert Downey Jr. and more . . . Lindsay Lohan.

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