Lena Dunham Represented Canada This Weekend

JFL42 is upon us, here in Toronto, which meant that on Saturday, Lena Dunham descended on our fare city to promote her upcoming memoir, Not That Kind of Girl (available on October 1), and to headline of the main events of the festival.

But in addition to her comedic and intellectual offerings, the Girls star also brought her fashion game, wearing two pieces from Canadian designer Erin Kleinberg, according to Huffington Post Style. 

In an Instagram photo of the two, Kleinberg nicknamed Saturday a "jokes day," and revealed she'd dressed Dunham in pieces from her S/S 2015 collection. Her afternoon look — for an interview with Ben Mulroney — saw the writer/actress in dark jeans, a white, red, and teal printed shirt, and a navy cardigan with two-toned pockets (and coral accents). This is especially exciting since Dunham "collaborated" with Kleinberg on the shirt, which the designer explained (also on Instagram), before telling fans to "stay tuned." (DOES THIS MEAN THEY WILL WORK ON CLOTHES TOGETHER SOMEBODY ANSWER ME.)

As for her nighttime clothes — and interview with Jian Gomeshi at the Sony Centre — Dunham wore black dress pants and a tunic with a "sunburst galaxy print."



But fashion and JFL42 aren't the only reasons that Dunham's love of Canada runs deep. In an interview with the Toronto Star last week, she revealed plans to retire to Canada. (Sure!)

"Here's a few reasons why I want to retire to Canada," she said. "The amount of comic book artists, comedians, writers, fashion designers that have been exported from Canada I love is crazy. There's also this amazing literary community. There's a healthy relationship to celebrity and pop culture. There's a bit less TMZ culture. Don't get me wrong, I love being an American. I love being a New Yorker, but I think Canada would be an amazing place to spend my dotage."

We ARE pretty wonderful, you guys. I mean, hello, I am from here, so… [WINK]

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