Kylie Minogue Has a Lipstick for Us!

It's actually obscene that we've yet to be graced with a lipstick by Kylie Minogue. Considering the singer is renowned for her bold, red lips (among her voice and beats and being generally wonderful), it's a beauty offering we (I) deserve.

Well, thankfully, the time has come.

Kylie Minogue has teamed up with Berlin's Uslu Airlines (not an actual airline, it's a cosmetic company) to bring us a lipstick in conjunction with her upcoming album, Kiss Me Once

Refinery 29 reports that the shade — which is a bright, cheery red, of course — is called KMO, and is also a nod to Monokotak Airport in Alaska. So there's that.

Ms. Minogue has also been creating waves for her "Sexercise" video (the second single off Kiss Me Once), which features the singer working out underwater in a onesie. (Get it? Waves. But also: she really has.)

As for the lipstick, you can get it online at Collette and it runs for about $40. The album, however, which came out on the 14th, you can pick it up anywhere you intend on purchasing sweet, sweet music. 

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