Kobe Bryant to Get Divorced

With big news of Britney Spears’ engagement this weekend comes another story that’s a lot less inspiring: after over ten years of marriage, Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa will be divorcing.

In a statement to The Insider, Kobe Bryant and Vanessa offered the following statement: “We ask that in the interest of our young children and in light of the upcoming holiday season, the public respect our privacy during this most difficult time.”

But it seems the public won’t have much trouble offering Kobe Bryant and Vanessa some respect: evidently, the soon-to-be former couple have already resolved all issues pertaining to their divorce privately and with “the assistance of counsel”.

Of course, most of us are more than familiar with the drama that seemed to drench Kobe Bryant a few years back, but considering the couple had tied the knot in 2001, it seemed that regardless of scandal, Kobe Bryant and Vanessa could stick it out.

Unfortunately, it looks like that’s not necessarily the case.

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa are the parents of two children, Natalia Diamante and Gianna Marie-Onore, ages 8 and 5, so here’s hoping that with such a swift desolvement, their names won’t be appearing on the gossip sites to excess. (Especially since there’s so much to analyse with Britney Spears’ upcoming wedding.)

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