Kings of Leon Cancel American Tour

Now that fans are recovering from the shock of learning that the Kings of Leon are scrapping their entire US tour, another revelation has come to head: Frontman Caleb Followill may be heading to rehab.

Citing “vocal issues and exhaustion” as the cause of the kibosh, Jared Followill later tweeted the band has “bigger problems than not drinking enough Gatorade”, with Us Weekly later claiming it’s the singer’s drinking that’s caused the most issues.

Thanks to a source (obviously), the paper reports the group are “trying to get Caleb to go to rehab”, which follows a performance last week when Followill told the crowd he was going to go backstage, get sick and crack open another drink – only he never came back.

Naturally, so shortly after the news of Amy Winehouse, this news is distressing – especially since Caleb’s situation not only brings his own health risks, but the chance of the band’s hiatus or demise.

While no statement’s been issued on behalf of Caleb himself, it’s also been reported that the cancelled tour could cost the band upwards $15 million, which only adds to the stress surrounding the Followill clan. Here’s hoping everything’s just a rumour, and that the gang really does just need a little break.

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