Kim Kardashian’s Movie Role

And in this week’s “nobody should be surprised” news, Kim Kardashian has set her sights on the silver screen, and unlike the thousands that re-locate to Hollywood in search of the dream, Ms. Kim’s has already come true.

According to her Twitter account, the most talked-about Kardashian has just been cast in Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor, which revolves around a marriage counselor (duh) whose own marriage begins to fail when her husband’s parents move in. As a result, she starts to cheat on her spouse, but not before being taken for a NYC-based makeover – which will be done at the hands of Kim’s character, the ever-so-memorable “best friend”.

(Somewhere, Judy Greer is wondering why.)

In the meantime, this latest endeavour marks the beginning of Kim Kardashian’s power years since the newlywed just turned 31 on Friday. And while she’s already appeared in such “hits” like Deep In the Valley and Disaster Movie, it appears as though her Perry venture will lead to a more credible filmography.

And while shooting’s yet to begin, you can guarantee the film set will be a paparazzi hotspot. And while The Marriage Counselor will probably not be the equivalent of Justin Timberlake’s turn in The Social Network, we can all sleep better at night knowing it will be a step up from Paris Hilton’s House Of Wax. (Let’s never forget.)

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