Kiehl’s Collaborates with Alicia Keys

Everybody likes Kiehl's. Everybody likes Alicia Keys. So frankly, it makes sense for the two to join forces — which is exactly what they're doing in support of Keep A Child Alive.

Kiehl's has officially partnered with the Grammy-winning singer to create a Limited Edition Label for the customer favourite product, Midnight Recovery Concentrate. 

"Supportive partners like Kiehl's are part of our extended family," said Keys. "They share our passion for bringing dignified treatment, care, and support to children and families affected by HIV. Every action, big or small, can make a difference and take us one step closer in making health care a human right."

So with that in mind, beginning this month, 100% of the sales of Limited Edition Midnight Recovery Concentrate (up to $200 000) will be going towards Keep A Child Alive, which brings treatment, care, and support to children and families affected by HIV in Africa and India.

"Kiehl's has a longstanding heritage of working to fight the AIDS/HIV epidemic with our work beginning in the 1980s, when it was taboo to even talk about the disease. Just in the past 10 years, we have raised more than $2 500 000 for the cause," explained Cheryl Vitali, Kiehl's Worldwide General Manager. "We are proud to continue this important philanthropic work with Keep A Child Alive, an effective, on-the-ground, organization built on the foundation that every person has the right to health care and that all children deserve a future."

So head to a Kiehl's store near you this month (or take to the Internet) and pick up a bottle with a label designed by Alicia  Keys. Midnight Recovery Concentrate runs for about $48, but at least you know it's going to a wonderful cause.

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