Katy Perry Debuts Another Eyelash Line

Katy Perry has debuted her second line of faux eyelashes, this time sticking with long and colourful styles. Perry’s Color Pop Lashes by Eylure also channel vintage superheros with cartoony packaging and names.

A Pop Art theme is my next natural progression from my cotton candy world. I’m excited to apply these pops of blue, purple and peacock green to my new lash range, Perry said. These are not just a futuristic fashion favorite; each one can really help bring out the color of your eyes! They’re the new wave to bat your lashes.

The new line of lashes is available in four styles — ˜Scuse me ma’am, it’s Ka-Zaam!, Oh Wow, Ka-Pow!, Make room for Ka-Boom!, and It’s m’thing Ka-Ching!. Ka-Zaam! is jewel-toned last flares, Ka-Pow! is violet-tipped, Ka-Boom! has a blue hue and Ka-Ching! is peacock toned.

Perry’s Color Pop lash collection is available at Claire’s for $7.99 USD.

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