Katie Holmes Followed By Scientology?

On Friday, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced plans for divorce – and since the Twitter jokes, “he said/she said” articles and custody rumours (as in Katie wants custody of Suri) over the past 72 hours, we were basically sure we’d already heard it all.

Well, don’t speak so soon: according to various sources (“sources” – as always), Katie Holmes thinks she’s being watched and followed by Scientology.

According to TMZ, the former Mrs. Cruise believes Scientology sees her as a “threat to the organization and has put a team on her tail.” This “tail” is especially evident in New York City, where Katie Holmes has allegedly been followed by countess menacing, unmarked vehicles.

But this isn’t all in Katie’s head.

TMZ goes on to say that those who’ve been photographing Katie Holmes (as in the paparazzi) have been seeing the same thing: “mysterious” vehicles (specifically a white Escalade and black Mercedes SUV) in her presence, as well as a lot of “mysterious” looking men. This on top of the publication who’s currently also tailing Katie Holmes (what?!), so if this Scientology theory is accurate, Katie could have quite a case on her hands – at least in terms of custody.

Creepy stuff.

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