Kate Winslet Gets Married!

Kate Winslet has no time for big Hollywood weddings — especially if she’s in them.

Instead of throwing a huge to-do, Kate Winslet and her new husband Ned Rocknroll (yes, you read that right — his given name is actually Abel Smith), threw a super-secret ceremony, and didn’t even invite their parents.

After having their wedding bands made specially in Hong Kong, Kate and Ned tied the knot over the weekend, and are reportedly already planning a baby. (According to a “source” speaking to Us Weekly, that is.)

Meanwhile, none other than Leonardo DiCaprio walked Kate Winslet down the aisle (which is probably the best thing any of us have ever heard in the history of time and space), and both of Kate’s kids were in attendence. The wedding took place in New York’s Catsill Mountains in a heated barn, and was filled with “jam-coloured” flowers. 

However, the wedding wasn’t whirlwind — allegedly, it’s been in the works for months, and they just wanted to avoid the publicity. Fair enough! Congratulations, you guys, and thank you for including Jack Dawson.

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