The Originals, Episode 7 Recap: Bloodletting

After Hayley mysteriously disappeared last week – presumably with Marcel – there was no doubt this week’s episode would focus on finding the baby mama.

But first – it’s vampire fight night, where Marcel’s minions compete for a daylight ring. It’s all fun and games until Klaus and Elijah drop in and ruin it all. They just want Hayley. Marcel says he doesn’t have her though, which adds mystery to the mayhem. If he doesn’t have her, who does?

Whoever it is, he has her in the trunk of his car.

And… drumroll… It’s Tyler Lockwood! A crossover from The Vampire Diaries (finally!!!)

Initially, I thought “oh good, he’s come to save her!” before I started thinking back on their history from TVD. Why would Tyler save Hayley, exactly

Well, he’s not – more like he’s looking out for himself and the vampire population. Tyler tells Hayley he has some history on her family. He even takes her to a place in the bayou where he says they’re from. They’ve been persecuted by vampires and are hiding out — an encampment of exiled werewolves who have been in hiding for many years.

Then we’re introduced to someone named Dwayne.

Meanwhile, the Original brothers are using a witch provided by Marcel to do a locator spell to find Hayley. She tells them that Hayley’s deep in the bayou. When they head out there, Klaus immediately recognizes Tyler Lockwood’s scent. He figures Tyler wants revenge because he went after Tyler’s girl. But it’s so much more than that.

In fact, Tyler’s doing a bit of an experiment. He uses a needle to draw blood from Hayley’s stomach and inject it into Dwayne before snapping his neck to see if he’ll become a hybrid. He does.

And that’s what worries Tyler. If Klaus knows the same, Tyler figures nothing will be able to stop him.

When Dwayne busts back into the cabin where Tyler has Hayley tied up, she’s able to easily convince him to go after Tyler – he appears to be sired to her, which is an interesting twist. Tyler’s able to kill him anyway but Hayley takes the opportunity to cut herself free and escape. Surprise, surprise, she runs right into Elijah’s arms!

This is when she explains everything to him, which he in turn confronts Klaus with. Klaus is offended that Elijah thinks he already knew the baby could be used to sire more hybrids and was plotting the worst – so he gives his brother a fatal werewolf bite. Oddly, there’s not a lot of concern for Elijah’s life for the rest of the episode…

Hayley decides to stay in the werewolf village with her “family” and while she and Elijah are setting her up, someone leaves a bible on her front step. It contains a family tree with names going back generations. The last entry is “Andrea” and the birthdate matches up with Hayley’s. Curious!

On the Davina front: Marcel now knows Josh was spying on him under compulsion from Klaus, so he asks Davina to undo it. The two of them, however, end up having a little moment. They become friends, and although Marcel wants her to make Josh forget about her, she doesn’t.

As for Rebekah: She comes back to town and challenges Marcel to prove to her that he’s not exactly the same as Klaus. He accepts this challenge and takes her to “the garden,” the place where he imprisons vampires who break his rules. Then he shows her blueprints for a home he had designed for the two of them. The garden is what was once the foundation – “Now it’s where I bury the people who betray me,” says Marcel. 

He wants Rebekah to choose “between the brother who takes away your happiness whenever he feels like it and the man who wants to give you everything you ever wanted.” Rebekah clearly wants to choose Marcel but is afraid Klaus will just kill him. “Not if we get rid of him first,” says Marcel.

Only snag: if Marcel kills Klaus, he’ll die too, as proved in The Vampire Diaries when the other Originals brothers were killed and everyone in their bloodlines then died. Marcel suggests burying Klaus in the garden instead of killing him. 

And the end: Tyler meets with Marcel to tell him about Klaus and the baby and get him on his side. "If that baby is born, it will mean the end of the vampire species." 

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