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Check Out Yorkdale Mall’s Swarovksi Crystal Wonderland

The retail-related holiday festivities kick off in Toronto!

There is absolutely nothing holiday-wise between today and Christmas for us lowly, non-American Thanksgiving celebrating Canadians, so kicking off the festivities in November sure doesn't sound like a bad deal.

That's why Yorkdale Maill in Toronto is unveiling its Swarovski Crystal Wonderland tonight, and you can swing by if you're free.

Starting at 6 p.m., Breakfast Television's Dina Pugliese and Kevin Frankish will kick off the festivities — after a 5 15 p.m. performance by the Junior Choir of St. Michael's Choir School. After that, musician Matt Dusk will also perform, officially making this an event. (And one that will totally justify listening to Christmas music as of, say, today as I'm writing this.)

"For many Torontonians, Yorkdale is synonymous with holiday memories and we are very excited to continue that tradition with Yorkdale's Swarovski Crystal Wonderland," said Anthony Casalanguida, General Manager of Yorkdale. "This holiday season, we invite the young and young at heart to visit with Santa and experience new memorable moments at the shopping centre."

However, this isn't just about a tree: first, in addition to the two Wonderland scenes that will populate Yorkdale, guests are invited to sign up for a Swarovski decorating workshop for $20 with proceeds going to Sick Kids Hospital. Each person will receive a decorating kit containing an ornament and colourful Swarovski crystals, and workshops run from 10 a.m. to noon every Saturday starting on the 16th.

So tonight! 6 p.m. at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Christmas festivities officially begin. You can also, of course, pick up other Swarovski Christmas ornaments (like the 2013 edition pictured) wherever Swarovski Crystals are sold.


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