Create the Perfect Cat Eye

There’s nothing like a good cat eye. And while you may think I’m referring to the actual feline (and who could blame you?), I mean the makeup effect: the dramatic liner, the dark lashes, and the token aesthetic of old Hollywood. So it being one of my favourite looks, here’s the guide to getting it yourself. But beware, a word of warning: you probably won’t want to wear your eye makeup any other way again.

1. Use an eyeliner pencil
If you’re new to liquid or cream eyeliner, start by using a pencil to create the base, after you’ve applied your eye shadow. Go as far towards the inside corner of your eye as you can, but if you find yourself blinking a lot, stop, since applying liquid or cream eyeliner will be a nightmare. At the outside corner of your eye, flick a line upward, towards your brow “ just don’t draw the line past it.

2. Go back over the pencil eyeliner with liquid or cream
I’m going to be honest: I ˜ve personally never had luck with cream eyeliner because I blink too much, so rest assured that liquid types (like Maybelline) work just as well. Make sure to keep the line relatively thin along your lash line, but make it wider as you move outward. Then, where you’ve created the flick at the end, meet at the top with your liquid eyeliner, and fill in the gap.

However, your cat’s eye doesn’t have to be that dramatic. Provided extension outward doesn’t go past your brow, you can make it as short or at thin as you’d like. 

3. Apply mascara
A thick coat of back mascara will help you create that quintessential retro feel, but make sure to keep lashes curled and avoid clumps. (Which you always want to avoid anyway.) To make sure that doesn’t happen, don’t pump your mascara in the tube “ since it can increase bacteria and doesn’t help anyway“ and when applying to your lashes, move the wand back and forth as you work your way from the lash line. Then apply about two or three more coats mascara, and spritz with a setting spray if you have it.

Behold! You’ve officially mastered the cat’s eye. And do this knowing that the more you try it, the easier it gets.


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