Kate Walsh Launches Boyfriend Perfume

Just when you thought celebrity fragrances couldn’t possibly get any more random, Private Practice‘s Kate Walsh has made an official attempt to capitalize on the global really?! phenomenon.  Behold: Boyfriend.  A perfume for women that allows them to smell like men.  (And I thought I was the only one who applied Old Spice at the drug store before heading out on the town.)

Inspired to create the scent after a breakup, the actress said:

You ever miss the scent of your boyfriend on your skin?  Well, I did. So I created Boyfriend, a fragrance inspired by him but made for us.

Is everyone cringing yet?  No, not yet?  Keep reading.

She continued: It’s got all the floral notes that we ladies love and that warm, woody, amber musk that makes you purr like a jungle cat.  Now you can take your Boyfriend with you wherever you go.  Stay tuned . . . I can’t wait for you to meet my Boyfriend.

 I can, Kate.  I can.

Not only questionable because of everything contained in the aforementioned statement, you can’t help but wonder if the fictitious world of Cougar Town has led women to believe that they need to subscribe to this odd (and slightly creepy) agenda.  What about husband?  Or lover?  Or partner?  Or screw it “ I’m happy being single?  Why has a woman of obvious talent and reasonable intelligence taken her high school habits and applied them to real life?  (And then told us about them?)

Currently available only the US. 

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