Kate Moss and “Kate Moss: The Kate Moss Book”

While there might already be one Kate Moss book, we can all agree that the supermodel’s life necessitates more than one literary platform. However, Kate Moss: The Kate Moss Book documents the model’s life in photographs, and is not the tell-all memoir some of us would really, really like to read. (Not that I’m admitting anything.)

However, the book that documents Kate Moss’ last 20 years has been edited by her ex-boyfriend and daughter’s father, Jefferson Hack, who is currently the editor of Dazed and Confused magazine. The two are friends, though, so don’t assume he’s going to use Kate Moss: The Kate Moss Book as an opportunity to start beef or get controversial. Especially since Kate Moss also had a say in it.

According to The Telegraph, Kate “personally [selected] the images she wanted to be included in order to create a publication that ‘spans the entirety of her unparalleled career, from model to fashion designer, and muse to icon.'” So we can probably expect to see the best of the best.

While the book doesn’t come out until Novemeber, you can pre-order it from Amazon now, and pick it up for a discounted rate. Otherwise, on November 6, you can own it for $85.


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