Kate Hudson is Engaged!

Kate Hudson had quite the annoucement to make on The Today Show yesterday morning. The Something Borrowed actress revealed that she is engaged to her beau and Muse front man, Matt Bellamy. 

Kate did make an attempt to be demur about the giant sized rock that had found a place on her ring finger, but The Today Show host, Matt Lauer, was just not having it. 

“Could you place your hand in my hand for a second please? I just want to see something,” Lauer asked after he spotted the diamond. “Is this new?” Kate admitted that the rock was indeed new and opened up about her recent engagement. 

“He’s a beautiful man and I’m very excited,” the 32-year-old said of her future husband. She also referred to the proposal as “very sweet and very romantic.”

While many celebrities would want to keep their lips sealed or make their annoucement in a statement, Kate was happy Matt Lauer spotted the rock. “It just happened a week ago, I’m so glad you noticed,” she said. “I haven’t really announced it and I felt like the announcing thing feels so silly, and I was just waiting for someone to notice.”

And the rock! Let’s talk about that for a second here. According to a jewelry expert, Kate’s engagement ring is platinum set with an emerald-cut diamond in the center and two tapered baguettes to the sides. It’s estimated to weigh about 9 karats and cost approximately $200,000! 

Kate and Matt started dating about a year ago after they met at the Coachella music festival where Muse was headlining. They are expecting their first child together this summer.

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