John Galliano Fired from his Namesake Label

John Galliano’s downward spiral continues as Dior officially drops him from his own label. Dior, who owns 91% of The John Galliano Label, says the brand is not an “immediate priority.” 

“It is understood the in-house design team at John Galliano, which shares members with Dior’s, will be charged with producing collections at a house prized for bias-cut dresses, newspaper prints and retro-tinged tailoring,” reps from Dior said in a statement. “A pre-spring collection is already said to be in the works.”

After being arrested back in February for spewing a series of racial slurs in a Paris bar, things haven’t been looking so good for John. He was fired as a designer at Dior in March and after he was missing at a fashion show in Paris for The John Galliano Label, the rumour started to swirl that he might be losing his namesake label as well. 

Fired twice and arrested once in less than three months? Doesn’t look like the rest of 2011 is going to be looking up for John either. He entered a rehab facility in Arizona to try and get the heat off, but his racial slurs could still land him in prison for six months.  

Dior does not have any current plans to sell the label. 

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