Long Term Weight Loss Tips

Ever notice that sometimes it can be easy to lose weight but impossible to keep it off? You work hard, dieting and exercising, but somehow your old habits creep back up on you along with those pounds. Looking for some weight loss tips to help you keep off that weight? Try some of the tips below!

Focus on healthy foods. Fruit, vegetables and whole grains are not only really good for you, they will help you keep weight off. Most fruits and vegetables are low in calories, and along with whole grains your body will be getting the fiber and nutrients that it needs while still keeping off that weight.

Remember the numbers. A calorie is a calorie, whether it comes from fat, protein or starch, and it takes 3,500 calories to gain a pound. So once you’ve lost the weight you want, keep in mind that counting calories will help you keep it off.  Certainly the vigilance you employed to lose that weight originally isn’t necessary, but calorie counting still needs to be in the back of your mind.

Enjoy your food. Don’t let feelings of deprivation or visions of carrot sticks and low-fat cottage cheese rule your life. It’s okay now to enjoy the foods you like, and to make healthy choices that you enjoy as well as the occasional indulgence. You will be more likely to maintain long term weight loss if you don’t feel you are being deprived of your favorite foods, or eating foods you don’t really like.

Live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to eating healthy foods, start exercising (if you don’t already) and incorporating other healthy habits into your life style to maintain weight loss. Quit smoking, get enough sleep, and keep your lifestyle as healthy as you can. Studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle can contribute to long term weight loss.

Know your triggers. Once you’ve reached your weight goal, don’t think the rules fly out the window. In addition to keeping that calorie count in mind, you need to also be aware of what could trigger you into falling back into your old food habits and keeping you from making your weight loss permanent. If Oreos are your weakness, don’t keep them in your house. Ditto for potato chips. Instead, purchase a single sized portion from a vending machine or market and enjoy that indulgence in a way that won’t lead you to consuming 1,600 calories worth of cookies.

Consider your portions. One of the best tips for long term weight loss is to remember to eat airline size portions, not restaurant size. Think about the last time you were served a sandwich on an airplane “ it certainly wasn’t that huge, over-sized sandwich you would get when you eat out. If there are chips, it’s a small bag, and an airline considers those two tiny peanut bags a snack. So keep those portions in mind for your meals, even (or especially) when dining out.

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