Jenn Rogien Gives Us Insight Into “Girls” Costume Design

One of the greatest mysteries of our time (I mean, no, but go with me on this) revolves around HBO's "Girls" and the clothing within it. Mainly: why do Hannah's clothes fit so poorly?

Fortunately, Fashionista sat down with the series' costume designer, Jenn Rogien to explain the method behind the madness.

"Certainly in the first couple of seasons when we were paying a lot of attention to reflecting how scattered Hannah was very much through the fit of her clothes," Rogien said. "And sometimes that was reflected in the hem: too short, too long, hit at an awkward place on the leg, or we'd play with or drop the waist line to make them hit at not quite the right places, that literally just looks rumpled and off. And on top of that, we would also not do very much craft of the costume that would go into the trim."

"There were actually some moments where I'd actually ask for things to be dropped into the bottom of a garment bag so that they would look like they came off the floor the next morning because that was very much where Hannah was in her journey," she continued. 

Then, in season three, as Hannah was being paid to write at GQ, her wardrobe cleaned itself up a bit — but if you look closely, it always reflects on what's going on with her at the time.

Meanwhile, Rogien also explained that Shoshanna is the most trend-savvy and jewellery-happy character, though if you look closely, she's replaced bows and pink with darker, chunkier pieces. Jessa, on the other hand, has gotten more casual — think denim shorts or combat boots — while Marni is currently embracing a very "80s folk singer vibe." As only Marni would.

The full read is super interesting, but especially since now we can all rest easy knowing that anything Hannah wore was because it reflected more than just a misunderstanding of how clothes should fit. (Which is such contrast to Lena Dunham in real life, who does understand how dressing oneself works.)

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"Girls," you guys!

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