Jason Segel and Michelle Williams an Item?

And in what could be the cutest/best thing in the world of celebrity relationships, Lainey Gossip has exclusively reported that Jason Segel and Michelle Williams may be a new item. (Cue: the “AW!” heard around the world.)

While nothing’s been confirmed, Lainey claims that Jason Segel and Michelle Williams were spotted at the Chateau Marmont last week, at first with Cougarland star/Michelle Williams’ BFF, Busy Phillips, but then were left alone after the actress left.

She went on to say Michelle Williams and Jason Segel then hung out for a few hours and that “[Michelle] was in great spirits.” (And who wouldn’t be? I riddle you that.)

The potential couple then left around 1 30 after apparently debating between calling it a night and continuing their adventure, and exited the hotel, leaving all of us hoping that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are, in fact, together.

While that’s literally the only thing pointing to the two as an item, the internet’s gone a-buzz with wishes and hopes that they’re a thing. It doesn’t matter that two people go out for drinks as friends all the time – it matters that this might be the cutest couple in eons. Let’s hope it’s true.

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