It’s Official: Snooki Is Pregnant and Engaged

Everything we’ve heard is true: Snooki has confirmed that she’s pregnant.

Currently on the cover of Us Weekly, Snooki has given the “exclusive” scoop to the magazine, telling them she is also engaged to the baby’s father (and boyfriend of one and a half years), Jionni LaValle. And while you may be rolling your eyes at this public display, Snooki claims that both she and Jionni know exactly what you’re thinking.

“I have different priorities now,” claims the now-reformed Snooki. “I don’t care what anybody else thinks. As long as I know I’m ready and he’s ready.”

“We’re not going to screw this up,” said Jionni.

Well they better not! Though considering both of them wil be under the world’s spotlight (and have the money to buy only the best parenting books and baby goods), the two 24-year-olds might really step up to the plate.

Evidently, Snooki and Jionni found out about their recent addition “right after New Year’s” and the Jersey Shore‘s first thought was, “I’ve been drinking!”

“I was worried,” Snooki explains. “It was New Year’s Eve and we were in Vegas, so I did go crazy.”

Yikes. Well here’s hoping she doesn’t “go crazy” again – or at least anytime soon – with Snooki Jr. on the way.

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