Gwyneth Paltrow is Opening a Goop Store

There have been rumours that Gwyneth Paltrow, in her post-divorce, will be making a more permanent move from London to Los Angeles, and she'll be bringing her lifestyle business Goop with her. She may (or may not) have just confirmed that move by sharing an Instagram picture of the location of her upcoming Goop pop-up store. 

The store will be located in Brentwood California and, from the looks of the picture, Refinery29 has deduced that it will probably be located at The Brentwood Country Mart. The sign on the door indicates that the store will be open from May 5th to 11th. 

It's unclear what Goop items will be available in store. The products could range from her super expensive cleanses, to her not super but still expensive white t-shirt. The store might even sell a few food items using the recipes Paltrow shares on 

This does beg the question — is this pop-up store a trial run for a real Goop shop in the near future? While I'm sure some would love to get their hands on all things Goop IRL, I can't help but ask, do we really need more Gwyneth Paltrow in our lives? From what I've seen, there isn't much a regular gal like myself can take away from Goop. You have to be super rich and have a ton of time on your hands if you want to live, look and feel like Paltrow does. 

But, if a Goop pop-up store is something you've been hoping for, there's still time to book a flight to LA (and it's just in time for Mother's Day!). 

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