Jamie Lynn & Baby-Daddy Call it Quits

Rumours that the 18-year old actress is pregnant again have been laid to rest as Spears has already been seen out with another guy “ 10 years her senior. The Zooey 101 star has reportedly been seeing businessman James Watson since the beginning of this year.

This Teen Mom Splits from Uber-Douchebag Boyfriend headline isn’t really surprising. Despite becoming engaged for a brief while in the midst of public scrutiny, these two lovebirds never really seemed interested in the long term (well, besides that whole having a baby together business). According to friends, “Even when she was pregnant, she didn’t really see a future with him. She only gave the impression of staying with him so long because it looked better in the eyes of the public.”

Considering the tremendous backlash that ensued after Jamie-Lynn a) Got pregnant at 17 and b) Hit the cover of Now Magazine to brag cry about it, I can kind of see her point. And especially considering her poptart older sister was at the centre of some not-so-flattering press attention herself, Jamie Lynn’s attempts to save face made sense.

Is it me of does the whole getting knocked up by a lowlife then replacing him with an older, more sensible father-figure thing seem to run in the Spears family?


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