Focus on Foreplay

Fast and furious is great, but slow is seductive. A little foreplay makes for a more intimate and intense physical and emotional connection. Sure, a quickie is often all you have time for, but when the mood strikes and your schedule allows, take it slower. Try these fun and fiery tips to extend your prelude to playtime.


Sex can be only so-so when you have other matters on your mind. Massage is a great way to clear your head, relax and focus on your partner and the moment. Rediscover those spots that make him moan with pleasure and he will enjoy if you show him yours. Use massage oil to make things sexier and more slippery (water-based is safe for use with condoms), light some candles and let the anticipation build.


Don’t give in and race straight for the finish line “ delaying the final act forces both of you to come up with different ways to keep one another excited. If you make a mutual pact to avoid sex as long as possible, the payoff will be incredible. To make it even more interesting, test so see who can resist the longest.


Use the slow build to get a little adventurous: try a sexy movie, read erotic poetry, use a blindfold, change the music or the room, turn the lights on if you’re used to the dark or vice versa. The idea is to step out of your comfort zone “ the surge of adrenaline and excitement that comes with sharing a fresh experience can make sex feel new again. 


Lay down some towels and get creative: strategically place whipped cream, create a trail of chocolate sauce, or experience the sensation of ice cubes on hot skin. Give in and prepare to get messy.


Don’t forget to engage the brain “ it is one of the most overlooked sex organs. Surprise your lover with a racy 2pm text detailing a seduction scene you’ve planned for the evening or leave your lacy under-pinnings out to dry (and to tantalize) when you’re not home. The anticipation these kinds of hints will torture him (in a good way) until quitting time.

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