The Power of Touch

Whether it’s 60 minutes with a trained massage therapist or a good tight hug, touch is critical to both physical and emotional wellbeing “ it not only keeps us healthy and helps us live longer, it also provides feelings of comfort, support and safety.

You don’t need candles and instrumental music to indulge in the power of touch (though it certainly doesn’t hurt!). Try these trusted ways to get touchy and reap the benefits for your body, mind and soul.

Massage therapy

It’s been a hectic week, and you need a way to calm your mind and body. Head to your closet RMT to soothe tight muscles, de-stress, improve circulation and let your mind drift away. There’s nothing like lying back, relaxing and getting all the knots worked out of your over-worked body.

Physical affection

Next time you’re out on the town with your girlfriends, walk arm-in-arm. It may sound strange, but it can make you feel connected and create a sense of camaraderie. Same goes hand-holding, and hugging “ it’s a simple yet sweet way to feel loved and cared for.


In its simplest form, reflexology is a soothing foot rub. But it goes deeper than that: reflexology is the practice of addressing specific body complaints by applying pressure to trigger points in the foot. The belief is that each area of the foot coincides with a different body part. Got a headache? There’s a trigger point for that. Cramps? There’s one for those too. Whatever is bothering you, you’ll leave feeling simultaneously relaxed and energized.

Craniosacral Therapy

It’s not often that our scalp and neck get the attention they deserve. Not only is this therapy calming and sleep inducing, it’s a quick way to calm mental stress and clear your mind. It’s especially soothing if you spend whole days staring at computer screen.

Thai yoga massage

Also know as traitional thai massage, it’s a dynamic, full-body therapy done on a mat on the floor in comfortable clothing. You will be guided through a series of gentle yoga postures while the practitioner applies palms and thumbs along the body’s energy lines and pressure points to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, boost the immune system and balance the body.

At-home massage

A budget-friendly way to relax and indulge, it can be as simple as a light arm rub before bed or an elaborate massage with scented oil and candlelight. Expect to reap more than physical benefits from sharing this kind of time and touch with a loved one “ it will also intensify your connection and strengthen feelings of love, trust and caring.

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