The “Gone Girl” Marketers Are Geniuses

Honestly what's the point of other movies existing if they're not "Gone Girl"? (There isn't. That's our answer. There isn't a point.)

Enter: the movie's marketing geniuses, who have now created a Pinterest account for "Gone Girl" lead character, Amy Dunne. (#FindAmazingAmy) It's creepy and weird, right? JK it's freaking brilliant.

"Discover who Amy Dunne was before she went missing through the pins she's left behind at," tweeted an account associated with the movie.

And holy shit, if you've read the book then the Pinterest site is bang-fucking-on. "For Nick" looks like the prop department for a man desperate to seem cultured and interesting while "Wishful Escapes" . . . well, you've got to read the book, right?

If you haven't, YOU'VE GOT TO. As pointed out by EW, if you really start to dig through each board, you'll find certain pieces taken directly from the book, making this one of the most detailed marketing campaigns known to any of us, ever. (At least about a movie we really care about.)

Read more about it over at EW — I don't want to spoil anything — but look, if you WANT to talk about it in the comments, in no way will I be upset to read everything you guys think because I'm obsessed with this movie and book now. Namaste.

[image via Pinterest]

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