‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Controversy Heats Up

There’s already some controversy revolving around the upcoming Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (especially with the latest Girl With the Dragon Tattoo fashion line), but with this latest development, the movie is sure to stay in the headlines.

According to sources, director David Fincher wants critics screenings banned after a recent altercation with reviewer David Danby, who published his review this week (as opposed to the agreed upon December 13), which drew some heat from the movie’s producer.

“If it were up to me, I would release one trailer and three TV spots and let the chips fall where they may,” explained Fincher. (Though some critics might agree that by not allowing screenings, you’re essentially worried about backlash or critical negativity.)

Of course, this publicity isn’t exactly going to hurt the movie already being campaigned for an Oscar win and cited as “the most highly anticipated film of the year”. Last week, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack sampler was released, sending NIN/Trent Reznor fans running to the internet in hope of channeling the dark Swedish-set drama.

And then there’s the fashion line. Earlier last month we reported on H&M’s Girl With the Dragon Tattoo fashion line which costume director Trish Summerville explains was inspired by the second book, in which the main character goes on a shopping spree at the chain store. (And previewed the collection in anticipation of the film’s release.)

Now if only she’d also gone shopping at Ikea. (Because that collection would’ve been great.)


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