Finally: MAC and The Simpsons Team Up

This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons, so MAC has made the smartest move in the world: it's releasing a collection inspired by Marge.

Taking to Twitter to make their announcement, the company tweeted, "Springfield, Springfield! We're launching a collection to celebrate 25 years of @TheSimpsons this fall. #MACandMARGE."

To which FOX confirmed, "The most beautiful woman in television, Marge Simpson, is getting her own limited edition @MACcosmetics makeup line this fall! #MACandMARGE." (And then to which I confirmed, "I will buy all of this.")

But so far, that's all anybody knows. We don't know lip colours, palettes, prices, or even the specific release date. But we do know it's coming. And that in celebration of one of the most important TV shows in history, we Simpsons aficianados win a round. And I guess we can also be sure that they're not going to release yellow foundation or blue hair dye. (Though if they do, yes, I will still buy it, and no you can't take this away from me.) 

All we can hope is that they have a lipstick that's the same colour as Marge's pink Chanel suit. Or an entire line inspired by her foray into the world of Thelma and Louise. (Anyway, somewhere, Helen Lovejoy is SO JEALOUS, and that makes me SO HAPPY.)


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