Dynamite Expands Its Brand Online

U.S. shoppers now also have access to Dynamite's collections 24/7 because the Montreal company has just taken their store (dramatic pause) online.

Enter: Dynamite.ca, the official opportunity for our neighbours to the south to join us in perusing the brand online and basking in the warm glow of affordable, Canadian pieces.

"As E-commerce is the fastest-growing retail segment, our move to take our products online was a natural step in our evolution," said Anna Martini, President of Groupe Dynamite. "Dynamite has become a signature, fashion-forward brand with a loyal and growing customer base. We have experienced great success over the last few years as we have expanded and introduced our brand into new markets. Dynamite.ca grants our customers 24-hour access to a brand they know and love."

But what's cool is a very Cher Horowitz feature. (Remember that computer program? Of course you do.) Dynamite's new site offers a "Buy the Look" category where shoppers can shop complete outfits — though it's a feature we Canadians are still waiting for. (Give us a hand here, Dynamite!)

However what's exciting is that the door between American and Canadian brands is opening wider and wider thanks to the advent of E-commerce, and the presidents who are taking it seriously. Once upon a time, Dynamite was a Montreal-based company our U.S. pals had never heard of. Now? They can order all the merch they want, making the brand even stronger. Coolio.

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