Dov Charney to Sue American Apparel

Ugh, can Dov Charney just . . . fade away already?

After the former American Apparel CEO was fired last week, he's come back with a lawsuit — one that pertains to a 2011 blog that ties Charney to the alleged sexual assault of a former employee (at the hands of another employee). In response, the New York Post reports that Charney is now suing the company, claiming he was wrongfully terminated since he wasn't involved in the blog or with the victim.

His lawyers will argue that Charney's employment contract was renewed in 2012 which was a full year after the controversial blog came to attention. The details of the blog and the subsequent controversies are available here, but a source close to the case has said the ousting was actually a way to keep Charney's $23.8 million severence out of the picture.

BUT, good luck, pal: Gawker recently listed the many reasons Charney was fired that have nothing to do with blogs or former employees, and you can read those right here. (Shout-out to paying off employees to hide his unsavoury behaviour and refusing to let employees take sexual harassment training.)

So what do you guys think? Considering Charney's legacy is on par with the likes of Terry Richardson, are you willing to return to American Apparel (if you left) now that he's gone? Or has the brand been tainted by going into business with somebody like him in the first place? Me, I'll go back when actual outfits begin being advertised, and a leotard with like, one shoe, doesn't consider itself worthy of a purchase.

Bye, Dov.

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