Does Taylor Swift Have a New Man?

Taylor Swift’s continuing search for love has once again made headlines. This time, the country crooner has been seen out and about with NFL star, Tim Tebow.

Earlier this week, Taylor, 22, and Tim, 24, were spotted at Toscanova restaurant in California. After dinner, Tim walked Taylor out, but it seems the pair weren’t dining alone.

He walked back in to join two other people, a source said. I think they may both have been their agents.

If the two other diners really were their agents, then a romantic dinner could easily be turned into a business meeting… and a great cover up.

I would say they came in more as friends, another source said. Taylor came in with another male and seemed to be with him more than Tebow. However, it was very hard to determine because they all seemed to be good friends.

Unfortunately, even if Taylor and Tim were dating, it seems their romance (or lack thereof) will be put on hold while Taylor continues her world tour in Australia.

Who knows, if things go the way they tend to in Taylor’s world, Tim might just be the source of inspiration for her next album.

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