Diane von Furstenberg Celebrates the Wrap Dress

Bless the wrap dress. Honestly? Good luck to anyone trying to think of a more flattering dress design. (Right?! Hello, you can eat a full bag of chips, and still wear the same style and size.) And to commemorate her ultimate design, Diane von Furstenberg is launching a year-long digital wrap dress campaign with with likes of Coco Rocha and Emma Roberts.

Called, "Journey of a Dress," the campaign is described by Fashionista as a high-end version of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. In addition to the LACMA exhibit, Furstenberg has recruited a lineup of models, actors, and style bloggers to document their experiences with the wrap dress via social media (though all dresses will be different).

First up was Coco Rocha (who debuted hers during the Fall 2014 Fashion Month), and next on the docket is Emma Roberts, Jourdan Dunn, Chiara Ferrangia, and even more — all of which you can check out on their Instagrams and Twitter accounts, as well as via written content and webisodes you can access through von Furstenberg's official website and YouTube channel.

This year, the designer's collection was named "Bohemian Wrapsody," which, let's not lie, is amazing.

"This is year the anniversary so it was nice to do something new," she explained to AP. "And then it occurred to me that my wrap dress was originally inspired by the little sweaters that ballerinas wear."

She has a point. So here's to 2014: the year of the wrap dress (still, but also . . . differently). THAT'S A WRAP.

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