Details on Rihanna’s Third Fragrance

Rihanna is currently on her 777 tour, so why wouldn’t she use the opportunity (of flying in a plane with a bunch of journalists) to announce her third fragrance.

On Friday — Black Friday, a.k.a this Friday coming up — Rihanna will launch, Nude By Rihanna in Macy’s.

Described as a “seductive floral oriental” blend, the scent will run for $49 to $59, and Rihanna swears it’s different than her first fragrance, Reb’l Fleur.

“When creating my first scent, I wanted it to be a really strong scent — daring and bold,” she said. “I have gotten more personal with Nude.”

However, this might not be news to you, if you were keeping up-to-date on Rihanna news all along. Last month, images from Rihanna’s Nude campaign (that sounds wrong) were released, but were deemed too racy for most stores. Thus, a much more subdued ad has been issued.

And fellow Canadians, breathe easy: Macy’s now ships to Canada.

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