Demi Moore Enters Treatment Facility for Exhaustion

It seems that Demi Moore has been on a bit of a downward cycle after her breakup from Ashton Kutcher. Moore was hospitalized on Monday night after suffering from a seizure, but other reports have been hitting the web stating that a lot more has been going on behind closed doors than Moore would like to let on.

Really, it was over the last year her friends saw a change, a source said. She wasn’t sleeping as well, didn’t seem to be eating and looked really gaunt.

Since the hospitalization, the 49-year-old actress has entered into a treatment center for exhaustion due to stress, according to her representatives. However, reports have been circulating that Moore had also been taking nitrous oxide (laughing gas), which was the cause of her seizure. Sources claiming to be close to Moore have also said that the actress has been struggling with prescription drugs — a factor that led to her fall-out with Kutcher.

It was a sticking point for Ashton, another source said. He wanted her to take care of herself and get a hold of things, and she wouldn’t. Her family and friends have been really worried.

Other reports are stating that Moore is also seeking treatment for anorexia.

In light of her personal issues, Moore has backed out of playing Gloria Steinem in a biopic about porn star, Linda Lovelace. The movie, Lovelace, also stars Chloe Sevigny, Amanda Seyfried and James Franco.

This is Moore’s second stint in a treatment center. The actress first sought out rehab for substance abuse in the mid-80’s.

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