Is Bone Broth The New Botox?

Is Bone Broth the New Botox?

By now you’ve likely heard the buzz about bone broth spreading like wildfire as the latest health and wellness trend, but what is it really? How does it differ from the soup stocks that line the grocery store aisles? We did some asking around to see if this new buzz product that has celebs of the likes of LeBron James singing its praises lives up to the claims.

We’ve been groomed to turn to kale smoothies and juice cleanses to achieve optimal health and beauty, but could this hot elixir made by simmering organic animal bones be the new secret to youthful, glowing skin? We asked Tara Miller, holistic nutritionist and owner of The Health Hut for the scoop on the latest “it” drink.

According to Miller, the health of our gut is directly reflected in the health of our skin, hair and nails, and while there are many things we can do to maximize digestion (probiotics, reducing sugar and processed foods, reduced stress, etc), one delicious way that is growing in popularity is sipping bone broth. The magic of this nutrient-rich tonic is in the slow cooking process, allowing the bones and connective tissues of the meat to break down. Miller points out that bone broth has an abundance of minerals in a form the body can easily absorb, and by sipping the broth, “we ingest these minerals, along with other material from the broken down bones like gelatin (which includes health supportive amino acids like glycine and proline) to help soothe and heal the gut lining, improving digestion and reducing inflammation,” she explains.

By looking to our gut as our central beauty centre and by “supporting proper digestion, you will see a reduction in skin issues like acne, eczema, irritation and redness and instead notice glowing, clear, hydrated skin,” comments Miller. She goes on to tell us that “gelatin found in the bones also directly accelerates would healing as well as promotes the growth of hair, nails and connective tissues, resulting in a smooth, youthful appearance.” The rich elixir is also said to be a great complexion enhancer due to its high levels of natural collagen, the protein known for its skin-boosting properties.

If we’ve piqued your interest, let us clear something up before you go running to the grocery store. Not any run-of-the-mill stock, bouillon cube or packet will deliver the beauty benefits. The term “broth” has been coined to help people differentiate, placing a focus on preparation using all-natural ingredients and seasoning with a palatable flavour, versus the term “stock,” which is traditionally known to be unseasoned until ready to use. Based on the Paleo movement, a diet that aims to get people eating the way our ancestors did, bone broth isn’t a new concept by any means, but people are awakening to its benefits. It is a comforting, satisfying drink reminiscent of a more natural way of eating, a reminder to scale things back and slow things down.

The beverage rose in popularity when chef Marco Canora opened Brodo Broth Company a few years ago, New York’s first store devoted to broth. Now, people are drinking it like their morning cup of Joe, with shops and cafes adding it to their menu boards as a coffee substitute. Are you still skeptical? Don’t have the patience to sit and simmer for 24hrs making your own at home? Look for it at your local health food store and try sipping your way to beautiful skin.

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