5 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer

We know, we know, you “like totally want to volunteer but you can just never find the time”, right? Between school and work and homework and a social life, it really is hard to find the time to fit anything else in. But we’re here to tell you why you should. Here are our five reasons volunteering should be on your to-do list this year…

The feel good factor

First and foremost, this is the ultimate reason why anyone and everyone should be volunteering their time. Whether it is a few hours a month or a few hours a week, volunteering is simply good for your soul. There is very little else in your life that you will walk away from on such a natural high as this. Revel in it.

You’ll make new friends

Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or just looking to expand your circle, volunteering in your community is one of the best ways to meet new people…including, potentially, some very handsome (and good-hearted) men!

You can networking

Volunteering is a surprisingly good way to network and expand your professional circle as well. Even if you aren’t volunteering in something to do with your field, you never know who the person volunteering right next to you might know…or might be.

You can build a Portfolio

If you can find a volunteer gig that benefits a good cause and does for free what you do for pay every day (or are hoping to do for pay at some point) then you are at a win-win my friend. Just because you’re not being paid for something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t show up on your resumé©. Anyone can get paid to do a job. It takes some real character to produce quality work for nothing.

You can expand your horizons

Just because you never imagined a career in a particular industry doesn’t mean that you can’t be surprised to find a love for it. You might learn that you actually have a great skill you didn’t know you had and a passion for something you never dreamed of doing.

You’re making a difference

You probably won’t even realize the impact you are having, no matter how little your roll may be, in changing the lives of the people who are being helped by your actions. And that thought alone should be reason enough to make the time.

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