Wackiest Spring Fashion Trends Right From the Runway

As a new batch of Fashion Weeks quickly approach, it’s time to talk spring and focus on the wackiest trends that once graced the runway. Luckily, spring 2012 had lots of eyebrow-raising fashion, so we’ve rounded up some of the craziest looks that certain designers would love you to wear. Don’t try these at home.

1. Facemasks (Giles)
Giles Spring 2012 RTW Giles Spring 2012 RTW
Let’s begin with the most accessible. True, Gossip Girl would have us believe that masquerade parties are common enough to invest in a facemask, but aside from the one event a year you may attend (on the Upper East Side), we all know they work better as apartment dé©cor. Especially with the feather embellishments.

2. Metallic body suit (Paco Rabanne)
Paco Rabanne SS 2012  Paco Rabanne SS 2012
The thing about bodysuits is that most of us can’t wear them. But add metallics, a hood and then even more metallics, and they quickly become a Halloween costume. True, Paco Rabane capitalized on the metallic trend of Spring 2012, but unless the office dress code is post-modern and/or set in space, not even simple black pumps can anchor this look.

3. Day-Glo hair (Thakoon)
Thakoon SS 2102 Thakoon SS 2012
Wacky runway trends weren’t confined to the clothing, and while Thakoon’s gentleman-inspired collection was both spot-on and wearable, his models’ Day-Glo hair was, well, not. True, we saw bright highlights and colour-dipped ends throughout last year, but unless day-to-day life consists of strutting down catwalks, Day-Glo is for costume parties only. (Bonus points if you pair it with a metallic body suit.)

4. Cling film skirts (Marc Jacobs)
Marc Jacobs SS2012 RTW Marc Jacobs SS2012 RTW
Usually, we can rely on Marc Jacobs to combine wackiness with wearable fashion, but his cling film skirt seemed like an honest mistake. Contrary to popular belief, he did not leave the drycleaner bag on the bottom half of his model, and instead presented the audience with a space-oriented option. Space as in Jetsons “ not as in make a space for it next to your button-up blouse.

5. Cut-out dress (Jeremy Scott)
Jeremy Scott SS2012 Jeremy Scott SS2012
Jeremy Scott likes to take chances, so to find his spring/summer collection infused with weird, artsy looks is to be expected. However, despite the it-factor of cutout pieces, his cow-spotted cutout dress represented the utmost in wacky spring fashion. If you have the abs, congratulations “ but even personal trainers should stay away from country chic in Spring 2012.

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