Vanessa Paradis Slams Break-Up Rumours

Despite rumours swirling around the Hollywood couple, Vanessa Paradis maintains that her relationship with Johnny Depp is on solid ground.

“They are false,” Vanessa Paradis told a French correspondant for People, confirming that the couple’s 14-year relationship is still going strong.

Upon being asked how she’s handling these rumours, Vanessa Paradis replied the following: “It depends which rumour. Here, this is the one which could hurt my family. After that . . . they say that we have 52 houses in France, we separate in winte, we get married every summer. Me, I’m in my 12th pregnancy.”

“All this is, I don’t know, because the Queen of England didn’t lose her teeth this week and there’s nothing happening,” she continued.

What is happening are rumours circulating around Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, who have been spotted at premieres solo and whose current relationship status has been labelled as “so sad” by insiders. The couple have two kids, Lily-Rose who’s 12, and Jack who is 9.

However, according to Vanessa Paradis, we need not await a separation announcement.

Of course, this week’s been quite a week for celebrity couples’ demise: Heidi Klum and Seal announced their divorce on Saturday, while 2011 ended with the end of Russell Brand and Katy’s Perry’s marriage.

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