10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Season 20, Episode 6

What moments had us swearing at our TVs? We highlight the best of this week’s episode of The Bachelor.

    1. Picking up where we left off last week (and that mean cliffhanger they left us with), Ben talked to Olivia and tried to find out where the other girls were coming from. Then, we got the rose ceremony (I really hate starting the episode with a rose ceremony), giving Caila, Lauren B., JoJo, Becca, Leah and Emily roses (because stupid Olivia already had one from last week and Ben DIDN’T TAKE IT AWAY).
    2. The group headed to the Bahamas. This is fucked, mostly because I am not in the Bahamas and it seems liek everyone is on vacation but me. Including Olivia.giphy (1)
    3. Once the gals were settled at the hotel, Chris Harrison, the bearer of all the bad news, walked in to tell them that there would be one solo date, one group date and, to the chagrin of the ladies, a dreaded two-on-one date. But, the solo date went straight to Caila when Leah still hadn’t had any alone time.
    4. Leah had a breakdown, even though she knew what she was getting into, while the girl that dumped her boyfriend got more alone time, snuggling up against Ben.
    5. Ben called Caila out on some of her shit because she had said she was falling for him, but then said she might not be ready to be in love. She gave some long-winded half-assed explanation, but Ben was eating it up. In his words: I like that Caila can be confusing. Wait, wut? But, she got a rose anyway.
    6. Ben took six ladies on the group date (Becca, Leah, Lauren B., JoJo, Amanda and Lauren H.) on a boat and, just as the ladies were enjoying the sun, he brought them to what they thought was going to be shark-infested waters. Nope. Just pigs. Yes, you read that right. PIGS.the bachelor pigs
    7. Then, to make things even weirder, Leah confronted Ben about not giving her any real time, which he totally shut down. He made a point to chat (read: kiss) almost every girl on the date to clear the air. And then the finger-pointed starting, even though Olivia was nowhere near the date. Leah said Lauren B. was not the same person in front of Ben as she was in front of the other girls… and on and on it goes. AND THEN Leah lied TO HER FACE. LIKE DIRECTLY TO HER FACE: “I would never be the kind of person to single somebody out.” Thankfully, Amanda got the rose and not our new villain.
    8. But then Leah went to go visit Ben to talk even more about how different Lauren B. is in the house. Ben was not having it though, saying that he would have rather have some quality time with her, instead of talking about Lauren B., so, he sent her home because there is NO TIME for haters in the game of love. BACKFIRED.
    9. The dreaded two-on-one date (can we just call it the threesome?) was with the worst pair: Emily and Olivia. Both girls pleaded their cases, but it seems like being duped is Ben’s jam, so he pulled Olivia away for a walk on the beach and then THE MOST WONDERFUL THING HAPPENED: HE. SENT. HER. HOME. This is not a drill. Olivia is GONE. giphy
    10. To make things even more real, Ben cancelled the cocktail party because the thought of talking to a group of emotional women was too much after already dumping two of them (who can blame him?). So, straight to the rose ceremony, sending Lauren H. home.

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