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This weekend, most of us clung to our laptops and lived vicariously through everyone at Coachella, but thanks to the YouTube live feed (seriously – was anyone not ready to bust a move to DFA 1979 last night?), the only thing we truly missed out on was the heatstroke and the celebrity sightings. But thanks to the wide world of modern technology, we’ve rounded up some of the years best dressed – and we’re willing to be you won’t be too surprised by our choices.

Diane Kruger – The combination of an ankle length skirt, fedora and a simple black tank once again cements Diane Kruger as the go-to girl for “effortless” fashion, while also proving that staples often outrank novelties – at least when it comes to music festivals.

S - Diane Kruger 300x400

Kelly Osbourne
– The classic silhouette, retro glasses and a 50s print add further clout to our argument in favour of ultra-feminine fashion, as Kelly puts the likes of cut-offs and Converse to shame.

S - Kelly Osbourne 300x400

Kate Bosworth
 – …Unless Kate Bosworth’s wearing cutoffs – because then it’s an entirely different ballgame. Embracing an aesthetic straight out of Dazed and Confused, the 70s meets the 2010s as white is worn in the most bohemian of ways. (Because yes, that is a thing.)

S - Kate Bosworth 300x400

Dita Von Teese
 – We all know Dita Von Teese can do no wrong, but just in case you weren’t entirely sure, she made anyone who argues that festivals are for flannel, denim or a lack of shoes look wrong. Plain wrong.

S - Dita Von Teese 300x400

Whitney Port
– We’ll ignore her “tips for Coachella” (because, really, Whitney?) and give the reality star-turned-fashion designer one hell of a high five for her cinnamon buns and vintage shades. (Then scour several racks for that lovely little lace number.)

S - Whitney Port 300x400

Alexa Chung
– Since some of us refuse to give up dark shades for spring and summer (present company included), you’ve got to hand it to Ms. Chung for donning not just black, but velvet – with a sheer counterpart that successfully combines two of the season’s hottest trends, as well as the new black: black itself.

S - Alexa Chung 300x400

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