CK Calvin Klein Gets a Re-Brand

Fresh starts are always the best, so why shouldn't labels be given the same luxury? Exactly. Which is why CK Calvin Klein are planning on a new direction for this coming autumn.

According to Vogue, CK Calvin Klein will undergo an overhaul, and will also only be known as Calvin Klein as of the fall.

Starting with watches and jewellery, the brand will eventually become unified so that clothing, accessories, and everything else (aside from fragrances, which will still be CK and CK One) will fall under the same spectrum.

"I believe that this rebranding, and the efforts we are taking to enhance our own bridge apparel and accessory offering, will benefit the brand image and result in the enhancement and expansion of the Calvin Klein lifestyle," CEO Tom Murray said to WWD.

Valid! So they'll be three tiers: Calvin Klein platinum (read: everything you just read), a label for sportswear and accessories, and a Calvin Klein "white" label which will act as the base (and will include underwear and denim). Evolution! New beginnings! And you wonder why some of us can't wait for fall.

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