6 Natural Acne Cures

Red, inflamed and filled with pus. The last thing you want to find on your face. But how to get rid of a dreaded pimple? Sometimes the solution is in your own kitchen or grandma’s medicine cabinet.

Witch Hazel

If you look at the ingredients in your toner, chances are that Witch Hazel will make an appearance in the ingredient list. Used as an astringent, it can calm inflammation and even alleviate the zit’s redness. Dab a little on a cotton ball and hold it on to the area, or sweep it gently all over your face a couple times a week for prevention.


Black Soap

When faced with acne, sometimes you over-cleanse with harsh products that dry out skin. Instead of using these potent scrubs and cleansers, go natural with black soap. The soap is made from ash of tree and plant bark and has high levels of Vitamin A and E which are both good for skin. Some black soaps are made from cocoa pods which contains caffeine, which could invigorate your skin as well. Available at health food stores, this soap will exfoliate your skin and remove dirt and oils, preventing breakouts and blackheads from forming.


Mineral Makeup

Acne can be a real bummer, and it’s natural to want to cover it up. Dermatologists time and time again will recommend not wearing any makeup at all, but that’s not realistic when a special event or hot date coincides with a breakout. Mineral powder makeup is a better way to cover up, as it is non-comedogenic and doesn’t seep into your pores like a liquid foundation. Try: Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup


Tea Tree Oil

It might seem counter-productive to put oil onto a breakout, but a dab of tea tree oil can do wonders. Research has shown that 5% tea tree oil is as effective as a solution of 5% benzoyl peroxide for treating acne… and it won’t leave you dried out and with flaky skin. Try: Burt’s Bee’s Herbal Blemish Stick with Tea Tree Leaf Oil


White Tea and Water

Sometimes breakouts can start from within. While there are many causes, from liver issues to stress, drinking enough water will help rid the body of toxins that can sometimes show up on your face. Water also keeps skin hydrated so it doesn’t overcompensate by creating oil. White tea is another power liquid, and is loaded with antioxidants that can help clear skin by lowering free radicals in your body. People often think that green tea is the tea to drink for skin, but that is more suitable for boosting your immune and digestive system. White tea is less processed than green and contains higher levels of antioxidants, which means it’s more effective.



When life gives you lemons… use it to treat your acne! If you have the guts, start your day with a warm lemon water. Then, in a little cup, mix water and a few drops of lemon and dab a cotton ball into the solution and dab it all over your face. It might sting a bit, but the lemon is actually reducing inflammation and the acid is flushing out your pores.

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