Cooling Face Products for Sunburns, Puffy Eyes and Everything Else Summer Brings

One of the best things about summer is finally being able to add some natural colour to your skin after feeling like a pasty lifeless zombie for the majority of the cold ass year. Yes, I love to sunbathe and I’m a total sun addict”if the sun’s out, I’m out”but there’s nothing worse than spending a day on the patio/beach/boat/dock, catching some rays and ending up looking like a lobster. Not cute and definitely not healthy. Of course, I’m assuming you didn’t skip your SPF because you know that you can still get a great tan while protecting yourself from premature signs of aging and cancer, right? But, sometimes, now matter how much we SPF, the stupid lack of ozone layer (please let’s help stop global warming) gets the better of us and we end up falling victim to all the damage the sun brings. Here are some products that will cool you right off and help you heal so you can get back out there, sister sun goddess.

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Have you ever had a sunburn so bad that your eyes swelled up? Yes, this is a thing that usually happens to sunbathers who forgo their shades to avoid the dreaded sunglass tan. Ouch. Use these cooling and portable Skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels ($33) to help reduce puffiness and the signs of aging that occur due to sun damage.

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