Chris Brown No. 1 on Billboard Chart

It’s been a long time since Chris Brown has seen the top of the charts but there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the 21 year old rapper.

The last time Chris made the Billboard Charts was in 2009 for ˜Kiss Kiss’ and his latest track ˜Deuces’ has made it to No.1 and it may just be the boost Chris needs.

We all remember those pictures of Rihanna floating around back in 2009”yes folks it’s been that long since the famous Chris ˜Beat Her Down’ lost all respect from his fellow rappers and seemingly, fans. After the shenanigans with Rihanna, Brown released Graffiti and sold a mere 316,000 a far cry from any billboard topping album”a rude awakening that his fans had left the building.

Chris definitely has tried to make his way back into the hearts of everyone and if you saw his performance Man in the Mirror at the BET Michael Jackson Tribute a broken and emotional Chris was on stage. The song was a fitting choice and an emotional Brown could hardly utter the lyrics. Was it MJ’s death or his remorse for the past he was feeling? Seeing him cry was golden and could very well be the resurrection back into his fans and fellow entertainer’s good books”what better way to win back some fans then with a few tears.

On the fence about Chris? Watch his new movie Takers and be the judge”is he really going to be 2010’s comeback kid?

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