Cat Litter Facial, Anyone?

Fellow cat-owners, gather ’round: there may be more than one purpose for our kitty litter.

According to Refinery 29 — and a video they posted — cat litter facials could be the next big beauty thing, since the litter (unused, of course), actually contains clay and volcanic ash which can minimize pores.

You may turn your nose up now, but the bentonite clay is actually also a great detoxifier, and can help purify your skin — especially if your skin is particularly oily. And as you can see from Michelle Phan’s video (aka the one we linked to), you can also add your own oils to help make the litter mask work even better for your skin. 

Again, it’s unused kitty litter, so it’s purely clay — it’s whether or not the giant kitty litter bag will give your facial too much of a stigma that’s up to you.

Dun, dun, dun.

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